On-site Customized Consulting

There is no substitution for on-site mentoring and training with an expert in lean principles. As one of our consultants interacts with and gets to know each level of your business intimately, we will be able to help you identify areas for transformation to save you time and money. Additionally, because each company’s needs are different, our consulting services cover a diverse range of areas—from manufacturing, training, and leadership coaching to marketing and mergers and acquisitions.

Though we serve a variety of companies, SLT Consulting specializes in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare, including medical products
  • Public, including government, military, and aerospace
  • Commercial, including industrial/manufacturing, automotive/assembly, and consumer package goods

Contact us about what we can do for your business.

Consulting at your Convenience

If you’re not quite ready for an on-site consultant, consider our Leadership Guide to Systemic Management. This three-part series is delivered digitally at your convenience and focuses on the basic elements of transformation and necessary leadership changes for a business of any size. The three parts cover the following topics:

  • Leadership in Transformation: Associate the importance of leadership during transformation and how to achieve balance financially, competitively, and operationally.
  • Current State to Future State: Relate your current state to an improved future condition while maintaining balance between value demand and value delivery.
  • Value Stream Improvement Plan: Work with the key ‘systems for work’ while gaining insight into demand generation and operational response.

Click here to purchase all three modules and workbooks for $249.